Practical Nutrition and Management Services

Providing you with independent professional advice to help you improve your dairy farm operations and profitability.



Practical Nutrition and Management for over 25 Years

We are proud to work with many progressive dairy farmers, providing them the most current technical information in nutrition, herd management, forage management and farm record analysis. Feed is the highest expense on dairy farm, but at the same time it could be the best investment you can make.

Our goal is to provide practical nutrition and management services based on sound science and economics. We believe that only what can be measured can be managed , that is why our main focus is on obtaining reliable data from dairy farm, analyze them and provide solutions to the herd managers and owners.

Our feeding programs and analytical services help achieve your goals, set up new economic benchmarks based on the performance of your cows and your herd structure. We follow these with a monitoring program that will keep us all focused on achieving our goals. As the market changes, we work with our farms, and leverage our 26 years of experience, to adjust and find new solutions under different market realities.


How we can serve your farm

Herd Analysis

Analysis of your herd production and profitability to help you make more efficient decisions on your farm. We monitor your operation and provide practical advice.

In-House Analysis

Forage NIR Analysis, with duplicate and triplicate testing of collected samples with industry leading calibrations. Scheduled forage testing based on the size of the farm.  

Formulation of Diets

We are formulating diets based on the most recent scientific research with 25 years of practical experience.

Results we are proud of




across all of the farms we work with in Canada and Europe.



of milk produced each day on our feeding programs.

25,000 kg milk fat
21,000 kg milk protein

per day across all of the farms on our feeding program.

430,000 kg corn silage
200,000 kg haylage

consumed every day across all of our farms on our feeding programs.



Feed analyses processed through our lab in 2021.


Analytical reports sent to our clients in 2021


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