Herd Profitability

We provide detailed herd analysis related to macro and micro economics of every herd. We evaluate performance of the herd and each individual cow within the herd with our software that helps to rank cows based on their revenue and profitability. We can help you to plan your herd turnaround by identifying and calculating the optimal number of heifers to match your quota needs.

Multiple Data Sources

We utilize multiple data sources from your farm and the industry to provide insights into several areas of your operation.

Blood Biochemistry Results Interpretation

We help you to interpret blood biochemistry analysis related to the nutritional well-being of dairy cows. Our testing protocols help you to get a metabolic profile of your herd and monitor of impact of nutrition on health and production.

Individual and Group Analysis

We analyze your herd and individual cows production and reproduction parameters and help you to set up benchmarks for your herd or group of animals.

On-Farm Presence

We work with our farmers directly on their farms collecting samples and providing advice in nutrition, management and reproduction.


In-House Testing

Our in house laboratory helps us to analyze forages and grains and make updates in feeding programs the next day. Testing for physical properties of feeds such as particle size of grain and forages allows us to suggest adjustments in mixing procedures and grinding of grain to proper size that complements your whole feeding program.

Forage and Grain Testing

In-house testing of forages includes 3 time points of fibre digestibility, starch digestibility, and other nutrient parameters.

Colostrum Testing

Colostrum quality testing helps us to identify potential failures in transferring antibodies to new born calves.

Milk Urea Nitrogen Analysis

Milk urea nitrogen testing is our tool that is helping in setting up proper feeding of nitrogen related to production. We monitor its efficient conversion into the milk protein.

Mycotoxin Testing

In-house testing for mycotoxin in corn is helping us to quickly identify potential negative impacts of mycotoxins on the health and reproduction of cows.

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