26 Years Helping Dairy Farmers

Haas Nutrition was founded to provide independent professional advice to dairy farmers. We provide detailed herd analysis related to macro and micro economics of every herd.We evaluate performance of the herd and each individual cow within the herd with our software  that helps to rank cows based on their revenue and profitability.

Our feeding programs maximize profitability per cow, kg of quota while maximizing utilization of your homegrown feeds .We help clients set up independent feeding programs which are decreasing farmers' exposure to market fluctuations and set up a strong base to withstand future challenges.Our strong and stable feeding programs from calves through heifers, dry cows to milking herd are closely monitored for quality of used feeds to assure high conversion of nutrients into final products, milk or gain. We also ensure that we achieve profitability in each goal we set.

Healthy fresh cows and high pregnancy rates are a base for future success. We provide advice in fresh cows' health monitoring and breeding programs.We build our programs specifically for each farm, not theoretically but are practically involved in helping to apply our programs on every dairy farm. All of this starts with learning how you operate on your farm so our program can fit your specific needs.

Our European branch is serviced by Ing Peter Haas for the last 10 years , he represents Haas nutrition and provides service to our clients overseas.


Operated 500 Cow Dairy Farm

I am able to provide practical advice from my experience owning and operating a 500 cow Dairy Farm in the past. The important lessons I learned help inform my advice and allow me to understand the needs of the farms we work with.


DVM and MSc in Ruminant Nutrition

My educational background compliments my practical experience. I am always looking at how the newest research can be applied on the farm.


26 Years in the Field

I've been working with Dairy Farms for over 26 years. In that time I have met many wonderful families and helped them improve their profitability and efficiency of operations.

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